Tips on Finding Low Cost Car Insurance For Young Drivers

By | February 10, 2014

car insurance for teensThere are some insurance companies that design auto insurance coverages especially targeted for young car drivers. Anyone belonging to this category will find this article quite interesting. Low cost car insurance for young car drives are quite limited. They are not that popular as other auto insurance policies in the market. Insurance companies in today’s market are basically concentrating on making profits than providing an exceptional service to their clients. Young car drivers are much more prone to meet up with accidents than the more seasoned car drivers out there. At least, the available statistics today point us in this direction. Youth who drive sports utility vehicles (SUV’s) are on top of this list. Hence most of the insurance companies hesitate when providing low cost car insurance for young drivers.

The reason for the non-availability of cheap auto insurance for young drivers is due to the accident statistics. The statistics confirm that people below the age of 25 years are more susceptible in meeting with auto accidents than people who are above that particular age limit. Young drivers who are using expensive cars or SUV’s will have to pocket out a much higher monthly premium than most of the other drivers using the same kind of vehicle. One way of keeping the auto insurance premium down is to avoid speedy and expensive luxury cars at young ages. Looking for cars with less modifications is one strategy that could be used to bring your auto insurance premiums down by considerable levels. Do some research for cars that fall into the low insurance group before deciding to purchase your car. This has many more benefits than lowering the insurance premium. Young drivers are sometimes reckless in their driving. This is natural as they possess more stamina and energy than older people. They have less experience in driving vehicles. Hence they will naturally try to drive faster once behind the wheel. This could quite often result in damages to the car. You will have to spend more money to repair a high end car than a low priced car. Hence it is always best to purchase a low priced car for initial use. This can always be changed once you are matured enough and have got the necessary skills and temperament to drive safely.

Finding low cost car insurance for young drivers should be done with the utmost care. There are some deeds that should be fulfilled by the driver, in order to find inexpensive car insurance options. Some US states and countries like UK offer a “Pass Plus” test for young drivers in order to assess their driving acumen. This is a rigorous test conducted under all sorts of diverse conditions. Passing this test will naturally enhance your dependability as a driver. Most of the auto insurance companies consider this test a plus point in assessing the young driver’s ability to drive safely. These companies are willing to offer low cost auto insurance premiums for young drivers who have passed this particular test.

Another way of influencing insurance companies to grant you inexpensive auto insurance premiums is to maintain a clean driving record. Insurance companies will check your driving record thoroughly for speeding violations or any other offenses on your part. Driving safe within the speed limits is vital if you are expecting the insurance company to consider your plea for inexpensive auto insurance.

Going for a third party fire and theft insurance coverage will reduce the burden of expensive auto insurance premiums to a certain extent. Keep in mind that a comprehensive car insurance coverage is the best if you are able to pay the higher premium associated with it. But for young people who are unable to do so, the next best option would be to settle for a third party fire and theft insurance coverage. A comprehensive coverage will always cover the cost of repairs, as well as, third party fire and theft charges. A third party fire and theft insurance coverage comes with a lower premium, and it cover damages inflicted on a third party. But you will have to bear the costs of repairing your own car. If you are confident of your driving ability, and you are maintaining your car well, this is a very good option to save some money in the process.

As a young driver, if you are still living with your parents, you can add yourself to your parent’s driver’s insurance policy. It may increase the premium of the existing policy, but it is still cheaper than buying a separate auto insurance policy for you. There are some companies that offer lower insurance premiums for young drivers with certain restrictions. Some of these restrictions include no night driving and keeping to a certain speed when driving etc.

Investing in adding safety features to your car also can help you to get lower premiums from certain auto insurance companies. Air bags, car alarm systems and gear locks are some of the safety equipment that could be installed in your car. Using your car only for essential trips is another way of lowering the monthly auto insurance premium. Insurers use risk factors when calculating premium rates, hence the lower the mileage of your car, the more chances for you to qualify for a low mileage discount. Make sure that your insurer knows about the low mileage of your vehicle before agreeing for any premium rates.

Some companies offer seasonal discounts for auto insurance policies. Hence, before purchasing an auto insurance coverage, you must inquire about such discounts. Searching online is the best way to find discount offers easily. There are many great auto insurance websites on the net, which would help you to search for such discounts quite easily. Referring to these websites, and inquiring from satisfied customers of the company will help you to find the most suitable discount offer.

The above tips will help to find low cost auto insurance coverages for young drivers quite easily.