Obtaining And Working With Car Insurance Quotes

By | February 9, 2014

auto insurance onlineCar insurance quotes are just that, quotes and nothing else. While they do tell you what it is going to cost you in order to be covered by a particular company, there is more to the process than just blindly going with the cheapest price.

Of course, if you never have an accident, no one ever crashes into your car, and you never have your car burn up, you will always be money ahead to go ahead with the cheapest rate, and forget about it. In real life, however the reason that we purchase insurance is for that one instance where a catastrophe occurs and the difference is made by how our insurance pays and how well the company performs as they have advertised.

The first thing that you will want to do if you just received your premium notice, and you see that if you stay with company X, your rates are going sky high, is to get some comparison car insurance quotes. You can accomplish this quite easily by going online to einsurance.com and esurance.com to get quotes very quickly.

In order to compare apples for apples, you should get a copy of your current policy and find the declaration page which outlines the benefits of the policy. When you go for the quotes, now you can have the guideline of your present coverage in which to ask for the quotes.

Once you have input your data that the quote engines request, you will get a nice and orderly listing of the various auto insurance companies and their rates. Make a chart on a separate piece of paper and copy the results, or print out the results if the site will allow that. The reason that two separate sites are suggested, is because it is an easy way to verify if a company is giving true rates, as the same company should have identical quotes from both sites.

Now that you have quotes, you job is just beginning. Many companies offer discounts for certain circumstances. Some companies are more liberal in this area than others, and your next step is to discover how this works from company to company, so take good notes here, as the information is given sort of hit and miss.

If you purchase other insurance other than just car insurance, you can get a discount. If you have a safe driving record, with no tickets for the past several years, you can get a discount. You can receive discounts for a number of things, such as taking a defensive driving course, even if it is online. Having anti-theft devices on your car can get you a discount. Research this thoroughly, and give the company a call if you need more information. Some companies will give you a better rate in regards to what kind of driving you do, such as business versus personal driving.

If you have a company that you would like to have information for, but they are not listed on either of the two mentioned websites, go to the website of that company, and more than likely, they will have their own quote capability on their site. Ask all of the same discount questions like you did on the other companies.

Check with the Better Business Bureau if you see a company that is so much more inexpensive that all of the rest, and attempt to find out if there is any problem with claims or service in your local area. Sometimes the cost of the premiums don’t tell the entire story, as the real purpose you buy the insurance in the first place is to receive good service with good claims.

You can check with two or three body shops in the area and see if you can find out if there are any companies that the repair people wish did not exist, due to poor service. You may have to read through the lines a little, as they may not want to stick their neck out. You may have to go down a list that you could ask them about.

One step that a lot of people overlook is to seek the advice of a licensed broker in your area. If you had already started to work with such a person in the past, he or she may have a service like this that they perform anyway, but by working with a person like this, you may uncover some real gems.

Not all car insurance companies are built alike, as some have better customer service than others, some are more financially stable than others, and so on. A broker who works with several companies will have a better understanding with how some of these companies work on the claims side of the equation.

For example in a serious accident situation where a person is severely injured, there are new dynamics that enter into the picture. Hospital and doctor bills mount up quickly, and a person could be out of work for an extended period of time. Have the broker explain to you how the process works from the insurance company standpoint as far as the speed of paying claims. This is a major area of contention in many such cases, as there can be much in the way of legal challenges that must be worked out.

It could very well be that the broker will have contacts with companies that you would never have thought about, and that they will be able to give you pricing that is as good or better than what you will find with the more advertised companies. You will never know until you ask.

A large property and casualty brokerage company forms relationships with the insurance carriers based upon the amount of business written by the broker. Some of these relationships go back for generations, so it is possible go get a lot of ‘wiggle room’ when it comes to the car insurance quotes that you are able to receive. You really won’t know until you visit with such a person, and  your previous research gives you an excellent benchmark with which to compare.